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My Favorite Gifts for Families this Holiday Season - By Deirdre Imus, December 5, 2017 - The holiday season offers the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, create lasting memories, continue family traditions, and invent some of your own. 

Exclusive Interview: Deirdre Imus Is on a Mission to Save Our Kids and Remove Toxins - Alpha Rising spent time with Deirdre Imus and got an exclusive tour of the Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center at Hackensack University Medical Center in NJ. Bottom Line: The more we remove poisonous toxins, the more we save our kids' lives. 

Put Denim in Your Walls and Get Healthy: We got an inside look at all the recyclable materials used to build the Women and Children's Hospital at Hackensack University Medical Center in NJ. It turns out, you can use the same materials to remove carcinogens from your home.

Dara Berger talks to the I-Man about her book, "How To Prevent Autism"   Click Here For The Interview! 



Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week

The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben - Are trees social beings? In this international bestseller, forester and author Peter Wohlleben convincingly makes the case that, yes, the forest is a social network.

High Aluminum Found in Autism Brain Tissue: New Study Indicates that Widespread Exposure to Aluminum Is Setting the Stage for Catastrophic Neurological Damage 

Deirdre's Dish Picks


Healthy Holiday Roasted Tricolor Carrots & Brussels Sprouts: Recipe and photo courtesy of Rebecca DeSimone - An easy, simple, & tasty healthy Holiday dish everyone will love!

If you have a fond memory from your childhood about some of the dishes we post please click here to contact us, we would love to hear your story.


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The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® is devoted to the health and well-being of children, their parents and the general public. Donations to the Environmental Health Center will support research on children's environmental health.


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The Imus Ranch Foundation

With the closing of The Imus Ranch For Kids with Cancer, The Imus Ranch Foundation was formed to donate 100% of all donations previously devoted to The Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer to various other charities whose work and missions compliment those of the ranch. The initial donation from The Imus Ranch Foundation was awarded to Tackle Kids Cancer, a program of The HackensackUMC Foundation and the New York Giants.  In addition, once the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer is sold, 100% of those funds will be contributed to The Imus Ranch Foundation.

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    You Too Can Be Jesse Jackson: The Oil Spill Disaster

    People love the ocean
    So every Summer they get a notion,
    pack their cars with devotion,
    oops almost forgot the sun tan lotion,
    load the kids with lots of commotion,
    check the internet for promotions,
    and drive for hours, bumper to bumper, in slow-motion
    That’ll really try your emotions

    You arrive at the coast
    your vacation is toast
    because of some oil line breach.
    Damn, ain’t that a beach.

    Goldman’s Lloyd Blankfein
    can relax his mind,
    because come dinner time,
    BP’s CEO will be the world’s most maligned,
    threat to mankind.

    Tony Hayward, BP’s big bitch
    could’ve prevented an eco-disaster with a simple kill switch.
    That’s really sleazy
    Turning New Orleans, The Big Easy
    into the Big Greasy.

    Fuzzy Wuzzy wuz a bear.
    He like to fish in the Delta from his folding chair.
    He grabbed his trusty old pole,
    and headed to his favorite hole,
    but what he saw hurt his soul.
    A tear in his eye, oil up to his wader pants thigh,
    Fuzzy screamed die BP, Die!
    Fuzzy went insane.
    He grabbed his rifle, and bullets; over 600 grains.
    And Fuzzy began to train.
    With 50 caliber thunder, Fuzzy was about to bring the rain.
    While thinking of his wildlife friends,
    wearing cammo so he could blend,
    Fuzzy checked the wind and adjusted his scope.
    For those responsible, time to abandon hope.
    If you see flash from the bushes
    it’s time to make your last wishes.
    Because when you get oil on a Fuzzy Bear’s tail
    you’ll have a Hell Hound on your trail. 

    The environment thanks you!