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Juan Williams discussed the video released of a white cop shooting a black teenager. He said that the officer argued he feared for his life, but that’s not what we see on tape. We see him acting completely out of control and shooting like an animal.
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Deirdre claimed Lis has been brainwashed into thinking that a turkey’s calling in life is to be served on our Thanksgiving Day platters. Lis fired back saying Deirdre sucks all the fun out of the holiday. Killing animals is just no fun for Deirdre.
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Jeffrey Toobin questioned why the video of the Chicago teen shooting was released at night, as this could lead to outrage (like in Ferguson, MO). Protestors acted polite because the people believe the system is trying to bring this cop to justice.


Deirdre's Corner

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Stop Pushing Drugs On Our Kids

Playing Offense Against GMO's: Your Right To Know 


By Deirdre Imus - If there is one thing it is nearly impossible for any American to avoid this time of year, its pumpkins. Whether carved to adorn your front yard or peeled and chopped to enhance a favorite fall recipe, pumpkin orange is the color du jour. But this round squash derivative holds much more value than spooking neighborhood kids, or spicing your latte. From seeds to rind, pumpkins are not only a delicious treat, but a healthy one too.  Read more...

Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


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Warner's Sports Corner

Golden State Warriors Make History: 16-0

Rams Stedman Bailey Shot - St. Louis Rams third-year wide receiver Stedman Bailey was shot Tuesday night and is in critical but stable condition in a Florida hospital.

Danny Amendola Takes Pay Cut - The New England Patriots will be without top receiver Julian Edelman for a significant stretch of time because of a left foot injury, but they're fortunate to have Danny Amendola as part of their replacement plan.

College Bowl Predictions


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CHICAGO ERUPTS: Video of cop shooting black teen sparks protests

PUTIN RETALIATES: Russian forces launched a heavy bombardment against insurgent-held areas in Syria’s Latakia province on Wednesday, near where a Russian warplane had been shot down by Turkey the day before.

TENSIONS RISE: Russia says it's deploying S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to Syria

President Obama: No Credible Reports of a 'plot to strike the U.S.'




 E. Coli Infects People In Seven States  - At least 19 people in seven states may have been infected by E. coli after eating rotisserie chicken salad sold at Costco stores, the CDC said.

Gas Prices Below $2 For Thanksgiving: Millions will hit the road for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and travel and it will cost them a lot less than it did last year.

Rob and Tony's "Behind the Scenes"

Hollywood & Vine "Best-Seller Dispute" takes to the streets with Deirdre Imus taking out Michael Reidel

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6:05:00 A.M. – It’s Thanksgiving Eve, and Crash, who’s not a bright man, is somewhat confused. Last Friday, Warner did his sports reports remotely from his home, to test out th ...
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6:05:00 A.M. – “I tried to tell T-Money you have to cook the turkey before you stuff it. Oh, that old gag. We wonder what Charles is doing for Thanksgiving. THE COWBOYS HAVE A ...
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6:05:00 A.M. – Rob is feeling under the weather this morning. The boy got a fever, and the only prescription is more cow-bell. What? Not that kind of fever? Well we know it’s not a ...

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