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Another week with Bernie and Sid, and they discuss with the I-Man those that were trying to make fun of Baron Trump, including the SNL writer who was just suspended for her distasteful Tweet.
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I-Fave Mary Matalin returns to the show, and she and the I-Man discuss President Trump officially being office.  Mary gives her opinion on the first few days of the new administration and those on President Trump’s staff.


Deirdre's Corner

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The Trump Team Challenge: a Children’s Agenda for Every Zip Code - Co-author Deirdre Imus, President, The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center - Here’s a challenge for President-elect: make all the country’s PK-12 schools and child care centers healthy places for children to learn. It will take more than one year.


 Celebrating 15 Years Protecting Children's Health & the Environment

 The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®  - When you are among the first voices to speak out on an issue, it’s difficult to know if anyone is listening. When I founded The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center fifteen years ago, concern about our children's health being impacted by toxic exposures in the environment was not the hot button, trendy issue it is today.  Read more...


Deirdre's Dish Picks


 Donnie's Baked Vegetable Dumplings with Miso-Tamari Dipping Sauce: Recipe by Deirdre Imus, The Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys - These delicacies are great as either an appetizer or a side dish.  They’re not hard to make; it just takes a bit of time for the dough to rise.  If you like a bit more heat, increase the chipotle chiles to 1/3 cup.

If you have a fond memory from your childhood about some of the dishes we post please click here to contact us, we would love to hear your story.

If you have a Healthy Recipe that you enjoy and would like to see others indulge in, please share it with us: - You may have your recipe posted live on my Recipe Page! 

Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


 Inoculated: How Science Lost its Soul in Autism - by Kent Heckenlively - In November of 2013, Simpson University biology professor, Dr. Brian Hooker got a call from Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) working in vaccine safety. Their conversations would lead to explosive revelations that top officials at the CDC engaged in a systematic cover-up of data showing that earlier administration of the MMR vaccine caused increased rates of autism in children, particularly African-American males. Thompson would eventually turn over thousands of the documents to US Congressman William Poesy.

Support The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center

The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® is devoted to the health and well-being of children, their parents and the general public. Donations to the Environmental Health Center will support research on children's environmental health.


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Sports Corner

Cavs lose to Pelicans - Cavaliers now losing in unprecedented fashion with LeBron James, fall 124-122 to Pelicans

Miami Heat stun Golden State Warriors - Dion Waiters' 3-pointer with 0.6 seconds left capped his 33-point effort, and the Miami Heat finished off a 4-0 homestand by stunning Golden State 105-102 on Monday night to end the Warriors' seven-game winning streak

Knicks Beat Pacers - Carmelo Anthony scored 26 points and broke a tie with a turnaround baseline jumper with 23.4 seconds left to give the New York Knicks a rare victory at Indiana, 109-103 over the Pacers on Monday night.

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Top News

CIA HEAD CONFIRMED: The Senate confirmed Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo to be President Donald Trump's CIA Director by a 66-32 vote.

Donald Trump Just Met With The CEOs Of Detroit’s Big Three Automakers - Donald Trump met with the CEOs of the three biggest automakers — Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler — at the White House on Tuesday to discuss his election promise that he would bring back jobs to the United States.

US sent $221 million to Palestinians in Obama's last hours - Officials say the Obama administration in its waning hours defied Republican opposition and quietly released $221 million to the Palestinian Authority that GOP members of Congress had been blocking.

Trump Keeping Comey as FBI Head, Sources Say - President Trump has decided to retain controversial FBI Director James Comey, two law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News, just months after Comey's revelations about Hillary Clinton’s emails twice rocked the presidential race.

Beijing Pushes Back on Trump Admin Over Disputed Islands in South China Sea - A day after White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer vowed that the United States would stand up to China's military expansion in the South China Sea, officials here are firing back.

Meddling Lawyers Rejoice as Tabloids Mourn Brexit Setback - British lawyers celebrated Tuesday after a suit filed by a handful of small and mid-sized law firms defeated the British government and complicated Theresa May’s plan for a quick Brexit. But the country’s pro-leave tabloid newspapers branded the judges and attorneys as elites with contempt for voters.

Trump White House warns against Beijing 'takeover' of South China Sea - The United States will take steps to foil Chinese efforts to “take over” the South China Sea, the White House has indicated, amid growing hints that Donald Trump’s administration intends to challenge Beijing over the strategic waterway.

Trump names net-neutrality critic Ajit Pai as FCC chairman - President Donald Trump named Ajit Pai, a Republican member of the Federal Communications Commission, to be the agency’s chairman.

Trump reinstates ban on US funds promoting abortion overseas - President Trump on Monday reignited the war over abortion by signing an executive order blocking foreign aid or federal funding for international nongovernmental organizations that provide or "promote" abortions.

Trump vows ‘massive’ cuts in taxes and regulations -  In a meeting Monday with some of the nation’s largest technology and manufacturing companies, President Donald Trump vowed “massive” cuts in taxes and regulations to help businesses create more jobs in the U.S.

Trump taps former congresswoman for Air Force secretary - President Trump will nominate former Rep. Heather Wilson (R-N.M.) to be the secretary of the Air Force, the White House announced Monday.

George Soros Tied to More Than 50 ‘Partners’ of Anti-Trump Women’s March - Billionaire George Soros has provided financing to or has close relationships with at least 56 “partners” of yesterday’s “Women’s March on Washington.” 

Lindsey Graham: ‘I Don’t Know What America First Means’


Foxconn Considering $7 Billion Investment in the US - Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker, is considering setting up a display-making plant in the United States in an investment that would exceed $7 billion, company chairman and chief executive Terry Gou said on Sunday.

Trump dumping Trans-Pacific Partnership - In a formal statement issued over the weekend, the White House said the president has decided to base its foreign policy on an "America first" attitude that involves returning "millions of jobs to America's shores" by backing out of multilateral trade agreements such as the TPP.

Donald Trump Had a ‘Very Good’ Conversation With Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - Trump's team denied reports that the U.S. would immediately move its embassy to Jerusalem

Trident Missle Veered Off Course Towards US - Theresa May says she has "absolute faith" in the UK's nuclear weapons system despite reports that an unarmed missile went off course during a test.

DHS Whistleblower Ready To ‘Drain The Swamp’ With Trump - A road-worn, devoted Department of Homeland Security (DHS) whistleblower and author is uniquely positioned to help President Donald Trump do the forensics on what is on the bottom of the swamp.

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