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Griffin talked about the meeting in Paris to discuss ISIS. She said it’s significant in that the French are taking the lead, and that there are reps from Saudi Arabia and UAE there because it’s been very difficult to get the Arabs to step up.
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On today’s Might Be Elvis Trevor claimed he’s a big U2 fan, which is shocking because he hates everything. Lou said U2’s The Miracle of Joey Ramone is a good song because it falls into the NOT Eagles, NOT Lyle Lovett, and NOT Delbert McClinton.
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Bo began today’s segment by telling the I-Man he looks like “one of those guys from England, ya know, the kinks!” Bo was then woofin on everybody that doesn’t change the course of history and reinterpetate their beliefs to make love and life!


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-Monday, September 15-0 Comments
-Monday, September 15-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – We are officially at DEFCON 4. Imus’ hair stylists are on the brink of war. Apparently Teresa, The I-Man’s Fox Studio hair stylist is hating on the Boss’ ...
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-Friday, September 12-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – The Boss begins the morning extolling the medical genius of Dr. Michael Bronson, Orthopedic Surgeon, to whose office The I-Man brought the Wy-Man to get an MRI on his ...
-Thursday, September 11-0 Comments
-Thursday, September 11-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – The I-Man is suffering from a swollen tongue this morning. Apparently, Wyatt made a boatload of spicy Pasta Arrabiata last night that could feed “The 475 troops who ...

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