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Mike Lupica said if you take away all the junk that has happened – Marshawn and the deflated footballs – this is actually one of the great match-ups in Super Bowl history with storylines of a young QB vs. an old QB and Carroll vs. Belichick.
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Tony, Nat, and Gunz all picked the Seahawks, while Lou, Warner, Connell, and Bernard picked the Patriots. Warner said he wants to see Roger Goodell present Robert Kraft, Tom Brady, and Bill Belichick with an inflatable trophy.
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Bill O’Reilly said he and his writing partner Martin Dugard pick a strange death, present the evidence, and make it an interesting read. He then said Killing Jesus is going to be a movie, it’s already cut, and they are working on the editing now.

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White House security still flawed? - Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl discuss the scandal surrounding the New England Patriots, White House security, and the climate change debate.

Free WiFi, But At What Cost?

By Deirdre Imus, 1-27-15 - Free Wi-Fi. The sound of those two words is like music to many people’s ears, even though it could be poison to their bodies. A recently published analysis on exposure to the kind of radiation given off by Wi-Fi – radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, or RF/EMF – suggests that children absorb more of this radiation than adults, and that fetuses are particularly vulnerable to RF/EMF absorption. Such warnings might seem frantic, but maybe they’re not quite frantic enough.  Read the full article here...

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-Friday, January 30-0 Comments
-Friday, January 30-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – The I-Man is tired this morning. He decided to take a nap yesterday, in the middle of the office. And, as you might imagine, Deirdre and Meghan were talking…at th ...
-Thursday, January 29-0 Comments
-Thursday, January 29-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – The I-Man’s Fox Hair Stylist, Teresa, is going to see ‘Book of Mormon’ tonight. She is a sweet, kind, beautiful, softspoken, lovely Christian woman. We ...
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-Wednesday, January 28-0 Comments
5:59:07 – Before we go on the air, Imus goes into a long, drawn out, explanation of why his prescription glasses are no good. They’re Progressive Lenses, which, at first, makes us ...

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 UN Women For Peace Association

The UN Women For Peace is hosting a MARCH to end violence against women on Friday, MARCH 6th, its annual " MARCH IN MARCH." The event will kick off with an awards luncheon at the United Nations Delegates Dining Lounge and continue with a MARCH from the UN headquarters to Dag Hammarskjold Park. The purpose of the event is to raise money to help end violence against women all over the world. In many countries, 1 out of 7 women are raped, abused or mutilated. Around the globe, nearly 1 in 5 women under the age of 15 are sexually abused.  For tickets to the Luncheon and more information, Click Here.

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