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Fred Dicker is a longtime columnist for the New York Post.
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Bernie & Sid with Bernard McGuirk and Sid Rosenberg
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Jenna Lee serves as a New York-based anchor on Fox News Channel's (FNC) Happening Now, alongside Jon Scott.


Deirdre's Corner

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Deirdre's Big Game Day Dish Picks! It's cold outside so a combination of healthy comfort foods with healthy salads will keep you feeling good! 

What it takes to work off those Super Bowl snacks - The Super Bowl has become much more than a football game: It's the second biggest day for food consumption in the United States after Thanksgiving.

Water leak at NY nuclear plant raises call for shut down - Environmental watchdogs are calling for the Indian Point nuclear power plant to shut down while investigators try to determine how an apparent overflow spilled highly radioactive water into an underground well.

Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard to Think Straight About Animals - Hal Herzog, a maverick scientist and leader in the field of anthrozoology offers a controversial, thought-provoking, and unprecedented exploration of the psychology behind the inconsistent and often paradoxical ways we think, feel, and behave towards animals.

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Warner's Sports Corner

Derek Fisher is fired as New York Knicks coach by his mentor, team President Phil Jackson - Derek Fisher was fired as New York Knicks coach Monday, with his team having lost five straight and nine of 10 to fall well back in the Eastern Conference playoff race.
George's big finish leads Pacers past Lakers 89-87 - After Bryant made three straight 3-pointers to give the Los Angeles Lakers a three-point lead with 2:30 left to play, George answered with six straight points to help the Pacers rally for an 89-87 victory
Nets beat Nuggets 105-104 - Johnson's 3-pointer at the buzzer lifted the Nets to a 105-104 victory over the Denver Nuggets.
Raptors beat Pistons - Lowry began the fourth quarter with a three-point play, and the Raptors went on an 11-2 run to pull away for their 14th victory in 15 games, 103-89 over Detroit on Monday night. Terrence Ross added 18 points for the Raptors.
Donaldson Signs Deal With Jays - Josh Donaldson signs two-year, $29M deal with Blue Jays
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Top News Stories  

Candidates Sprint to NH Finish - Eyeing their first wins in a capricious campaign, Republican Donald Trump lashed out at his opponents Monday while Democrat Bernie Sanders sought to play it safe on the eve of the nation’s initial primary. 

Bloomberg: I'm considering 2016 bid - Michael Bloomberg says he is considering running for president of the United States, a move that would dramatically shake up an already chaotic 2016 race.

Mass deaths of detainees in Syrian Government jails amounts to crime of 'extermination', UN report says - United Nations investigators have accused the Syrian Government of "extermination" in its jails and detention centres, saying prisoners have been executed, tortured to death or held in such horrific conditions that they perished.

Hong Kong Sees Violent Start to Chinese New Year as Protesters Clash With Police - Violence erupted in Hong Kong on Monday night after a municipal crackdown on outdoor food vendors rapidly escalated, with enraged protesters clashing with police overnight.

Feds Charge ISIS Widow in Americans Death but Wont Say Who Killed Her - The Justice Department alleged Umm Sayyaf helped keep Kayla Mueller hostage in Syria before she died under mysterious circumstances.

Remaining occupiers release defiant videos mocking FBI - The last four occupiers of an Oregon wildlife refuge have posted a series of defiant videos in which one of them calls FBI agents losers, shows a defensive perimeter they have built and takes a joyride in a government vehicle.

Obama asking Congress for emergency funding to combat Zika - President Barack Obama is asking Congress for more than $1.8 billion in emergency funding to fight the Zika virus and the mosquitoes that spread it here and abroad, but says “there shouldn't be a panic on this.

Giant Royal Caribbean ship damaged in 'extreme' storm will return to port - One of the world's newest and biggest cruise ships headed back to its home port Monday after a powerful storm damaged the vessel and left some passengers shaken.

North Korea Undeterred as Kim Seeks Rocket Able to Target U.S. - Kim Jong Un can't be deterred. The North Korean leader, whose Feb. 7 long-range rocket launch drew condemnation from China, Russia and the U.S.

Global stocks dumped for safe havens as bank fears flare -  Asian share markets were scorched on Tuesday as stability concerns put a torch to European bank stocks and sent investors stampeding to only the safest of safe haven assets.

Rob and Tony's "Behind the Scenes" 


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-Monday, February 8-0 Comments
6:05:00 A.M. – “Cam Newton played like Wayne Newton”, an astute observation from the I-Man in his pithy commentary about last night’s Super Bowl and the performance of ...
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-Friday, February 5-0 Comments
6:07:00 A.M. – As is his custom, the I-Man is off this Friday. Connell McShane has on his big boy pants today as he’s hosting the program . It’s a snowy morning here in New ...
-Thursday, February 4-0 Comments
-Thursday, February 4-0 Comments
6:05:00 A.M. – Imus begins the morning by hammering Marco Rubio, and then segues into a remark that he hasn’t heard from our first guest this morning, Mike Baker, in a while. Well, ...

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