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Bernard was all torqued off about people thinking we should send troops to fight ISIS, Bo ranted about the Veterans Administration being a disaster, Gunz hates people at Starbucks, and Deirdre hates when the I-Man says “what difference does it make?”
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The Blonde babes discussed a woman who bit her husband’s penis in the middle of the night, the length of a man’s index finger, and the keystone pipeline. They also discussed the conviction of the man who killed Chris Kyle and Chad Littleton.
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KT said we have a generational threat of radical, violent, Islamic jihad that makes war against anybody who doesn’t believe the way they do. She said they want to take over the world and are determined to kill anybody that gets in their way.

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Obama’s Keystone veto the right or wrong decision? - Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl discuss the ‘American Sniper’ trial verdict and President Obama’s Keystone Pipeline veto.

Deirdre Imus on Your World with Neil Cavuto - Little Caesars now selling pizza with bacon-wrapped crust


An Angry Father's Guide To The Measles Vaccine 

Be informed. Please. I wish I had, 10 years ago, and my life and my family’s life would be much different today. I don’t want you to agree with me, I don’t need you to agree with me, and I don’t need you to change any of your plans, but I hope you’ll listen to what I have to say so you have more information to make the right choice for your son or daughter.  Read more...

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-Thursday, February 26-0 Comments
-Thursday, February 26-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – The I-Man feels vindicated, as the new Kid Rock Record, ‘First Kiss’ is the number one record in America. Carley, hearing that it has received a RAVE review fro ...
-Tuesday, February 24-0 Comments
-Tuesday, February 24-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – We begin the morning with the I-Man’s announcement that we will be premiering a new segment today, ‘ PSYCHOS’ , featuring Dagen McDowell, Nat Candido, ...
-Monday, February 23-0 Comments
-Monday, February 23-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – The I-Man is feeling a little blue this morning, because it was a bad weekend, as there was nothing good on television. The Combine sucked, the Oscars sucked, The Golden ...

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