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Today's Guests
-Tuesday-0 Comments
-Tuesday-0 Comments
Senator John McCain said the government needs to sit down with the ranchers, go through the rules, and talk about how they want them changed. He then talked about Ukraine and how we should have given them weapons to defend themselves.
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-Tuesday-0 Comments
Imogen called Scandal completely ridiculous, but said the ratings for its season finale was great. Dagen said it’s hard to keep up with the plot and it lacks nudity, so she isn’t interested. Riedel then interrupted to name drop, yet again!
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-Tuesday-0 Comments
Mike Lindell said years ago he was doing a lot of drugs and owned bars and restaurants, which he sold after coming up with the idea for MyPillow. He spent 2 years getting it patented, sold his bars and restaurants, and the rest is history!

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-Wednesday, April 23-0 Comments
-Wednesday, April 23-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – The I-Man happily reports that this past Monday’s ‘Might Be Elvis’ was the highest rated hour of THE ENTIRE BROADCAST DAY. Rob claims that he is responsibl ...
-Tuesday, April 22-0 Comments
-Tuesday, April 22-0 Comments
5:55:10 a.m. – My Pillow Michael Lindell is here, back in the Green Room with us, awaiting his appearance on the program this morning. He drove straight through from Philadelphia at 3 A.M. ...
-Monday, April 21-0 Comments
-Monday, April 21-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s 88 TH Birthday, the I-Man has decided to wear his hair like her. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN 6:07:24 a.m. – Warner reports that Masai ...

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