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According to Herridge, in 2009 al-Marri pled guilty to being a sleeper agent for 9/11. He was sent to the US by the architect of 9/11, paid in cash, and told to wait for further instructions for a second wave of attacks. He was released in December.
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The Blonde babes discussed the Super Bowl, global warming, and whether or not they would date a man with a stump leg. Lis is for the Seahawks, while Deirdre is for the Patriots, and both of them said they wouldn’t discriminate against a stump!
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According to Dicker, Governor Cuomo created a commission to investigate corruption in NY politics, but he abruptly shut it down last year. Within weeks, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara seized the records of the commission and began his own investigation.


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White House security still flawed? - Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl discuss the scandal surrounding the New England Patriots, White House security, and the climate change debate.

Disneyland measles outbreak continues to spread - The Mensa panel weighs in on the measles outbreak in Disneyland, the scandal surrounding the New England Patriots and President Obama’s State of the Union.

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5:59:07 – Before we go on the air, Imus goes into a long, drawn out, explanation of why his prescription glasses are no good. They’re Progressive Lenses, which, at first, makes us ...
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-Friday, January 23-0 Comments
6:05:10 a.m. – Warner is wearing a tie today. We think it’s because he has a Job Interview scheduled. Because after his “IDIOTIC” prediction that Bill Belichick ...
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6:05:10 a.m. – Bernard opened the program with a joke about ‘Sacks’, causing the I-Man to comment on ‘Deflated Balls Jokes’. He thinks they are ‘Lame and ...

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