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Monica Crowley said when she was a junior at Colgate University she was studying national security and read a book written by President Nixon that had a tremendous impact on her. She then sat down, wrote Nixon a letter, and somehow got it to him!
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Gunz complained about the twitter heat he received for commenting on Iggy Azalea’s new post-plastic surgery, while Deirdre went off on the California Health Care System, who refuses to treat an anorexic woman due to the liability involved.
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After a long conversation about communication between men and women, Mike Baker went on to talk about the fight against ISIS. Baker said we will never be able to defeat Islamic jihadism, but we have to defeat the enemy in front of us.


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Congress Must Make Chemical Safety Act Live Up To Its Name

by Deirdre Imus - The latest version of the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, endorsed last week by a Senate committee, is nothing short of an irresponsible prescription for disaster. This bill, introduced by Senators Tom Udall and David Vitter, does not come close to fixing anything – except maybe the bank accounts of chemical company executives. The bill pretty much absolves the chemical industry of responsibly for the long-term environmental health effects of its own products and fails to provide an avenue to determine this type of safety for the thousands of chemicals they are producing.  Read more...

Deirdre Imus on Your World with Neil Cavuto - Little Caesars now selling pizza with bacon-wrapped crust


An Angry Father's Guide To The Measles Vaccine 

Be informed. Please. I wish I had, 10 years ago, and my life and my family’s life would be much different today. I don’t want you to agree with me, I don’t need you to agree with me, and I don’t need you to change any of your plans, but I hope you’ll listen to what I have to say so you have more information to make the right choice for your son or daughter. Read more...











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-Thursday, May 21-0 Comments
-Thursday, May 21-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – Breaking News: The I-Man is down to 149 pounds! Of course, he’s going to Austin this weekend for Zack’s Graduation from the University of Texas, and will be ...
-Wednesday, May 20-0 Comments
-Wednesday, May 20-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams are here this morning! They’ve been ‘Part of the Imus Family For 30 Years’. Which is a Euphemism for ‘Larry ...
-Tuesday, May 19-0 Comments
-Tuesday, May 19-0 Comments
6:06:06 a.m. – The I-Man is still infatuated with those birds he encounters in the park each morning on the way to work. He wonders if they’re always the same birds…if the ...

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