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Are We There Yet? By Deirdre Imus - The saying goes that with little kids you take trips, not vacations. A vacation is relaxing; a getaway involving children is usually anything but. Taking a trip therefore requires acknowledging that it’s no longer about what the adults want to do (occupy a lounge chair on a beach for three days straight, stroll through a museum, window-shop in Paris), but must include activities geared toward youngsters.  Read more...

 Celebrating 15 Years Protecting Children's Health & the Environment

 The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®  - When you are among the first voices to speak out on an issue, it’s difficult to know if anyone is listening. When I founded The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center fifteen years ago, concern about our children's health being impacted by toxic exposures in the environment was not the hot button, trendy issue it is today.  Read more...


Deirdre's Dish Pick


Ranch Tacos - Recipe by Deirdre Imus, The Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys -- I recommend using all organic non GMO ingredients.  Seitan is sometimes called wheat meat because it’s made from gluten, which is the protein component of wheat with the starch removed.  There are recipes for making it from scratch, which is pretty labor-intensive, but luckily you can also buy it ready-made at most health food stores.  We love these meaty and cheesy tacos.

If you have a fond memory from your childhood about some of the dishes we post please click here to contact us, we would love to hear your story.

If you have a Healthy Recipe that you enjoy and would like to see others indulge in, please share it with us: - You may have your recipe posted live on my Recipe Page! 

Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


Vegan for Her by Virginia Messina - a blueprint for optimal health and wellness at any age, will show you how to: lower your risk for breast cancer and heart disease; manage conditions like arthritis and migraines; diminish PMs and cramps; build strong bones for life; enhance fertility; make an easy transition to a vegan diet; and incorporate principles of both fashion and compassion into your home and wardrobe.

    Support The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center

The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® is devoted to the health and well-being of children, their parents and the general public. Donations to the Environmental Health Center will support research on children's environmental health.


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The Imus Ranch Foundation

With the closing of The Imus Ranch For Kids with Cancer, The Imus Ranch Foundation was formed to donate 100% of all donations previously devoted to The Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer to various other charities whose work and missions compliment those of the ranch. The initial donation from The Imus Ranch Foundation was awarded to Tackle Kids Cancer, a program of The HackensackUMC Foundation and the New York Giants.  In addition, once the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer is sold, 100% of those funds will be contributed to The Imus Ranch Foundation.

Warner's Sports Corner

Ibaka Shipped to Magic; Oladipo, 2 Others to OKC - The Orlando Magic acquired forward Serge Ibaka in a multiplayer trade Thursday night with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder received guard Victor Oladipo, forward Ersan Ilyasova and the rights to power forward Domantas Sabonis, who was taken with the 11th pick in the NBA draft on Thursday night.
Novak Djokovic Could Face Roger Federer in Wimbledon Semifinals - Djokovic could face Federer in the semifinals as he bids for a fifth consecutive major title and the third leg of a calendar year Grand Slam.
Draft shocker: Bucks Pick Thon Maker at No. 10 - Once the most intriguing prospect in the high school Class of 2016, Thon Maker wasn't even considered a first-round pick in the latest round of mock drafts, so his selection at No. 10 overall came as shock to some.
Lincecum Struggles in Second Start for Angels - Lincecum lasted just three innings against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday. The 32-year-old surrendered four runs on seven hits during the 5-4 loss. He walked two and struck out two in the outing.

Recent Guests:

    Tweet That

     6:07:00 A.M. – We begin the morning with the news that Great Britain has left the European Union. The ramifications have yet to be truly determined. We know the markets have been affected. This move could have a domino effect on the rest of the European Union. One positive note. The European Union’s overall dental health has just improved dramatically.

    Britain Gives An F.U. To The E.U

    6:17:27 A.M. – Warner reports that the Knicks are going after K.D. Kevin Durant. They’d have a better shot at signing K.D. Lang. Warner suspects that Durant might consider Golden State, or perhaps returning to his native Washington D. C. to play for the Caps. Um… Warner The Capitals are the hockey team. We know that  Warner means The basketball team the Washington Wizards , but we have to admit that seeing Durant on ice would be cool.

    Lang. The Only K.D. The Knicks Could Get

    Kevin Shoots A Three Pointer. He Doesn’t Know That There Are No Three Point Shots in Hockey

    6:41:16 A.M. – Vinnie From Queens featuring Warner Wolf, Connell McShane, Gunz Gunzleman , Tony Powell, Lou Rufino , and Bernard McGuirk.. The crew discuss a range of topics including last night’s NBA Draft, the aforementioned Kevin Durant, and Steph Curry’s legacy. The consensus is that Curry’s legacy is tarnished. He was the two-time MVP and got schooled by Lebron. Curry however has decided to make lemonade out of lemons. He’s writing a new book called Becoming Lebron’s Bitch. See what we did. It’s a horror story about a man and his team who lose a NBA championship after being up 3 games to one.

    “You Didn’t Say Pretty Please Bitch. Tell Your Wife To Tweet That”

    7:08:10 A.M. As the hour begins we listen in as Trump begins to speak from his golf course in Turnberry, Scotland. The Brits left the E.U. It’s the biggest story in the world today. So naturally Trump, the aspiring leader of the Free World, spends 12 minutes talking about the new features of his golf course. Hey, just because the world is literally coming apart doesn’t mean that the new hole placement on the par 5, 10th isn’t worth mentioning. We have to admit that the rocks, and the ocean make for a beautiful course. Maybe Trump was using golf as a metaphor. When the world kicks you in the balls go hit a few. 

    C’mon. Is This This A Nice Course Or What?

    7:17:16 A.M. – Warner reports that Jim Craig, goalie for the gold medal winning  1980 U.S. Olympic team recently auctioned off his goalie mask. The mask sold for 115 thousand dollars. That’s a lot of money for a mask filled with some 36 year-old dried up goalie snot. Apparently the buyer was a hockey obsessed guy with a machete obsession.

    We’re Glad The Mask Found A New Home With Someone Who Will Actually Use It

    7:41:16 A.M. – ESPN soccer analyst Tommy Smyth is our guest. Tommy born in Knockbridge’s County Louth, Ireland comments on the Brexit. He’s concerned that prices will go up on goods in Ireland although he points out that it will be a boon for smugglers. In fact he shares some smuggler secrets with fellow Irishman Connell McShane just in case Connell wants to get into the smuggling business. Unbeknownst to Tommy, as a middle schooler McShane was a top smuggler. He was the go to guy for number 2 pencils and Twinkies. 

    Ok So The Twinkies Were Hot And A Little Squished But Connell Was Able To Buy His First Car With That Money. Don’t Ask Us Where He Put The Pencils.

    8:15:16 A.M. – Warner reports that former Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker has reached out, and wants to help Johnny Manziel through his troubles. Herschel feels that as a fellow member of the Heisman family it’s his obligation. Hopefully it all works out. Herschel Walker suffers from multiple personality disorder. We just hope that Walker’s other personalities are on board with Herschel’s plans. We’d hate to see one personality show up with outstretched arms, and the other six personalities beat the crap out of Johnny Football.

    Johnny Better Hope This Guy Shows Up

    And Not This Guy

    8:40:43 A.M. – I-Fave, political analyst, and former GOP presidential candidate Pat Buchanan is our guest. Buchanan seems pleased with Britain’s exit from the E.U. He notes that Economic Nationalism, and Ethno-Nationalism are the most important forces in the world.  Pat is not a globalist, and believes in isolationist policies. If it was up to him he’d lock the American door, pull down the shades, and pretend nobody is home. Essentially it is the same technique employed by the women Gunz tries to date.

    OH God He’s Still There. Nobody Make A Sound


    Last Month Seth Myers Took On Brexit.

    Not So Funny Now Is It?


    Should I Stay Or Should I Go

     6:07:00 A.M. – The I-Man is out today so Connell is in the “Big” Chair

    Connell Hosts The Program. He’s Got His Big Boy Pants On Today

    6:10:16 A.M. – Connell reports that the U.S. Senate recently voted to block a Republican-led effort to allow the FBI to access a person’s Internet browsing history, email account data and other electronic communications without a court order in terrorism and spy cases. Boy are we glad. We wouldn’t want the government looking into some of the searches we do for this blog. An innocent internet search can take you to some strange places. FYI, if you want a picture of Denver quarterback Mark Sanchez in his dirty game uniform, don’t Google dirty Sanchez. We learned that the hard way.

    Whew! Searching For Butt Fumble Turned Out Fine. Googling Quarterback Into Lineman’s Butt...Well That Was Problematic

    6:17:27 A.M. – Warner reports that the New York Knicks have traded for oft injured Chicago point guard Derrick Rose. Rose has had two knee surgeries, and an eye socket fracture that left his vision blurry. Great. A point guard that can’t see. Of course the Knicks traded for him. We hope they have enough cash to sign Rose’s seeing-eye dog too. 

    Rose’s Service Animal Didn’t Take The News Well. “They Traded Me To The Knicks?? F***%%%%%$K!”

    We Hope He Looks Good In a Suit Since He’ll Be Spending Most Of The Year On The Bench

    6:41:16 A.M. – We replay an Imus interview of I-Fave, and Democratic Strategist Paul Begala. The Boss has accused Begala of not only drinking the Hillary Clinton Kool-Aid, but mainlining it intravenously. It won’t be long before Paul is breaking through walls and screaming, “Oh Yeah”.

    Begala With A Pitcher Of Hillary’s New Flavor. Pant-Suit Red. Now With

    Vitamin C

    7:12:10 A.M. Warner reports that Swedish soccer player Adam Lindin Ljungkvist was ejected from a soccer match for farting too loudly. Apparently Mr. Ljungkvist had a tummy ache and loudly cut the cheese. Apparently with a chainsaw. We can only imagine how loud that fart was as it was heard in an outdoor soccer stadium during the game. It must’ve sounded like that Ricola horn.

    Sorry I Had To Toot My Horn

    Oh My God. I Had My Mouth Open. I Told You Not To Eat At IKEA

    7:23:16 A.M. – During Bernie’s Briefing, he plays a clip of a potty-mouthed LeBron James dropping the F-Bomb during the Cleveland Cavaliers victory parade. People were critical of LeBron’s language as there were young Cleveland fans present in the audience. Cleveland hasn’t won a championship in 52 years. We bet those young fans have said far worse yelling at the TV. 

    Just Another Reason The Kids Love LeBron

    7:41:16 A.M. – One of our favorite Fox Business News people Ashley Webster is our guest. Ashley calls in from Great Britain where he is covering the Brexit vote to determine whether Britain will leave the European Union. Ashley seems to be leaning towards exit as he points out that the issue is controlling the borders and not allowing the flow of immigrants into the country. He points out that other Brits worry about the financial impact. The only happy Brits are the Clash. They’re selling a boatload of Should I Stay or Should I Go records and T-Shirts.

    Don’t Forget To Get Your Mugs, And Keychains. Tomorrow Everything Will Be Half Off

    8:10:16 A.M. – Connell and Bernie discuss the effectiveness of house Democrats staging a sit in to get a vote on gun control. They both agree that it’s a political stunt to gain publicity. They don’t think that it is going to change the status quo. They’re right. The Dems need a bigger stunt. Maybe they should have Nancy Pelosi jump the reflecting pool on a motorcycle Evel Knievel style.

    Nancy Prepares To Jump 20 Elephants Lined End To End

    8:40:43 A.M. – I-Fave, CNN anchor, and host of Erin Burnett OutFront is our guest. Erin and Connell worked together back at Bloomberg. As McShane read Erin’s bio he noticed that there was no mention of her time at Bloomberg. She mentions that she enjoyed her time there but her resume was getting a little long. Even though wounded by Burnett’s casual dismissal of a pivotal time in Connell’s life, he soldiers on with the interview. They discuss the Democrat sit down in congress and the no fly no buy votes. Erin says that the FBI is watching so many people that they really don’t know who should, or shouldn’t be on these terrorist watch lists. Maybe the FBI should give Santa a call and find out how he makes his lists. Claus always seems to know who’s been naughty, and who’s been nice.

    Ok.. So It’s A Little Creepy. Do You Want To Be Safe Or What


    LeBron James Keeping it a 100 Speaking At The Cavaliers Victory Parade


    Get Well Soon, Neil Cavuto!

     6:07:00 A.M. – The morning begins with the news that one of the best people on the planet recently underwent open heart surgery. We just want to wish our friend Neil Cavuto a speedy recovery. 

    Get Well Soon Neil

    6:10:16 A.M. – Warner teases his sports report by saying that free-agent Oklahoma City Thunder all-star and former MVP Kevin Durant could possibly be headed to the Golden State Warriors. It’s all speculation in the same vein as that which had LeBron James coming to the Knicks when he was a free-agent. The I-Man notes that former Knick Patrick Ewing will be playing for the Knicks before LeBron will. As Patrick is about a million years old now we think that’s probably not going to happen.

    Drew A Local Playground Gets Ready For His Knicks Audition

    Maybe They Can’t Get LeBron But His Friend Uncle Drew Could Certainly Help The Knicks. He Couldn’t Hurt Them

    6:17:27 A.M. – Imus is a little peeved by an article in the New York Times about a young woman, Judith Hill, who was on the plane with Prince six days before he died. Instead of dummying up, she’s giving newspaper interviews making her much more important in Prince’s life than she may have been. The Boss suspects that when he goes it will be Gunz that will be on every news program talking about their close relationship. Naturally, one of Anderson Cooper’s first questions for Imus Expert and confidant Gunz, will be why The Boss chose a “trainable” to share the intimate details of his life wife.  

    Trusted Confidant, Insider, And Imus Protégé Gunz Gunzelman, Host Of Gunz In The Morning Which Airs Saturdays From 5AM-6AM Discusses His Late Mentor, Personal Friend, And Fellow Lover Of His Own Hair Don Imus, With Erin Burnett

    6:41:16 A.M. – I-Fave, author of “We The People”, and political analyst for Fox News Juan Williams is our guest. Imus asks Juan what’s on his mind and Juan riffs like he’s Miles Davis. He begins with his political observations about Trump and the politicization of the Orlando shooting while making the observation that for “People on the right, it’s all about terror, and for people on the left, it’s all about guns”.  We’re guessing the people in the middle haven’t given much thought to terror or guns as they seem to be enthralled with the giant moon that Juan begins to talk about as we run out of time. They say people go crazy around the full moon. We’re not saying. We’re just saying. We’re hoping Juan hasn’t gone all werewolf on us. We already have a Warner Wolf. 

    After The Transformation Juan Had A Hard Time Getting A Cab Home. No Worries He Just Chased One Down

    7:08:10 A.M. The I-Man is somewhat baffled by Juan William’s interest in the moon and wants to know what’s going on with it. Apparently it’s a June moon that coincided with the summer solstice. During the solstice, the moon is closer to the horizon. Full moons are not a rare occurrence as anyone who has been passed on the highway by a bus filled with high school football players can attest. This moon, however, is rare in that it occurred on the summer solstice, and won’t appear on a summer solstice again until the year 2062.

    Not Rare 

    A Once In A Generation Event

    7:17:16 A.M. – Imus wants to know who is listening to Larry King’s podcast interviews. We would go with suspected terrorists being tortured, senile old people, and pets with separation anxiety that just need to hear the sound of a human voice. 

    Ok, Risten I Promise Not To Destroy The Couch Again IF You Turn This Off

    7:41:16 A.M. – Blonde On …We’re Not Quite Sure… featuring Deirdre Imus and Alan Colmes. The segment begins with a calm, reasoned respectful conversation about the second amendment. Who are we kidding? This debate looked like a donnybrook in the South Korean parliament.

    A Simple Discussion Over Whether Samsung Makes A Better Phone Than Apple Led To A Blonde On Blonde Like Melee

    7:44:26 A.M. – The discussion turns to whether or not the second amendment should be done away with. Alan maintains that the second amendment is outdated and should be done away with, while the D-Woman maintains that Alan is “un-American” and that people have the right to have a gun, including AR-15’s if they want. Then she threatened to beat Alan to death with her microphone. We have to admit that we were a little frightened, although she did prove Alan’s point. You don’t need all of these guns for self-protection if you have access to a microphone. We hope Congress votes to put a three day waiting period on microphones. 

    Deirdre Giving A Fiery Speech At A Meeting Of The NMA (National Microphone Association) Tells America That They Will Have To Pry Her Microphone From Her Cold Dead Hands. Ordinarily, You’d Do A Mike Drop Following That Bold Statement, But Then That Would Be Awkward

    8:15:16 A.M. – The I-Man quizzes the crew. A skunk was found on the Brenham Imus Ranch by the green barn. Imus wants to know what action should’ve been taken. Most answers suggested letting the animal go, and allowing it to escape to the woods. Gunz however, wanted to kill the skunk. You’d think that he would’ve offered it professional courtesy. 

    Just Another Self-Hating Skunk

    8:40:43 A.M. – I-Fave and Democratic Strategist Paul Begala is our guest. The Boss has been saying that Begala’s head is so big you could sell advertising on it.

    With That Light Bulb Head He Should’ve Held Out For GE

    8:44:23 A.M. – Imus gives Paul a quiz. He is asked who he would like to take his S.A.T if the choice were between Rick Perry, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump. Begala says, “Definitely Trump”.  He says you have to be smart to be a con artist. Oh snap. We see what you did.  Then again it wasn’t really a hard choice. We know that Rick Perry can’t even spell S.A.T. 

    Hey Paul. This Guy Did Get Into Yale And Harvard. Just Saying


    Patrick Ewing May Be too Old For The Knicks But Uncle Drew (Kyrie Irving) Gets Buckets


    Everybody Out Of The Pool

     6:07:00 A.M. – As the morning begins Connell attempts to explain “Brexit”, the name that has been given to the idea of Great Britain leaving the European Union. As Britain votes to decide its future this Thursday, with potential global financial ramifications depending on their decision, many consider this is a big effing deal. The I-Man is not one of them. His eyes glaze over like Snoop Dogg, smoking a fattie, while listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson trying to explain the big bang.

    At One Point In Time The Entire Universe Fit Inside The Head Of A Pin

    Get The F&*K Out Of Here. Ok Dog, Where’d They Get The Pin?

    6:12:16 A.M. – Happy Birthday to Brandon Flowers of the Killers. Sadly, because Brandon’s pops couldn’t keep it in his pants 32 years ago, we have to suffer through his Christmas song The Big Sled on a hazy, hot, humid day in June. We hope the sparks from that sled riding on dry June pavement sets one of your elves on fire.

    The Look Of A Man That Spent Most Of Middle School Being Hung Upside Down By His Classmates Who Shoved His Head In A toilet

    6:17:27 A.M. – Apparently Warner is warming up to his new life in Florida. He has begun taking golf lessons, and says that he hits golf balls everyday now. It’s a departure from stepping on his landscaper’s rake where the only balls he hit were his own.

    Warner Lines Up His Next Shot

    6:41:16 A.M. – Businessman, American Mojo Lost & Found Author, and I-Fave Peter Kiernan is our guest. Most of you know Peter as The Becoming China’s Bitch guy. Unlike the Boss, Kiernan is definitely concerned with Great Britain possibly leaving the European Union. He reminds us that “Brexit” could affect the U.S. economy and the value of our currency possibly making U.S. exports more expensive. That means that our toothpaste will be more expensive. The snaggle toothed British won’t be able to afford our quality dental care products. We could be looking at unemployed toothpaste workers here, and an entire country with Sea Biscuit’s smile there.  A lose, lose for our two nations.

    Brexit Has Consequences

    7:08:10 A.M. Imus volunteers a controversial new theory and goes out on a limb. “Sid is a weird looking dude.” Alert the papers. In a related story, scientists discover that water is indeed wet.

    You Think He Looks Weird Now. You Should’ve Seen Him When He First Started Tanning And Working Out.

    7:17:16 A.M. – As Imus often does, he begins listing the people that he likes. One of those folks is Greg Gutfeld which leads the I-Man to make the following observation. “That boy is putting on the leather mask on the weekend”. We don’t think he’s working in minor leagues as a catcher.

    Either Gutfeld Is Keeping The City Safe, Or He’s Got A “Safe” Word

    7:41:16 A.M. – Bernie & Sid are on for their weekly segment in advance of their own 10 AM show. The Boss needs answers and wants to know what Sid’s appearance goal is. Sid responds that should they revive the MTV show Jersey Shore, he’d like to be the star of that show. That’s a relief. We thought you were trying to be the tanning mom with a set of bb balls. Bernie makes the observation that with Sid’s orange hue and bald head, he looks like a basketball with eyes. “I’m just going to write Wilson on the top of your head”. Boom! 

    Good Thing B Went With Wilson. Spalding Is Taken

    8:15:16 A.M. – Warner reports that not only is the Zika virus a concern for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, but scientists there have recently discovered an antibiotic resistant superbug on the beaches. Imus says that if they got turds in the water you probably shouldn’t be swimming in it. We agree. That’s horrible, although not as bad as finding them in your shower. 

    Look Daddy. A Brazilian Brown Fish. Everybody Out Of The Pool!!!

    8:40:43 A.M. – Talk show host and author, Tavis Smiley is our guest. Mr. Smiley is on to promote his latest book “Before You Judge Me: The Triumph And Tragedy Of Michael Jackson’s Last Days”. The book chronicles Michael Jackson’s last 16 weeks on the planet. Smiley started out with the question, ”why gone so soon” which during the research for his book became, “how did you last this long” which could easily be the title of a book about Gunz’ love life. Smiley says that near the end MJ was changing managers like he was changing underwear. We can only assume that he meant with frequency, and not by sniffing them like he did with under roos he kept in his pocket.  

    Instead Of Grabbing Your Crouch You Might Want To Change Them Funky Drawers


    Nothing Funny About Turds In The Water. Ok, Maybe This Is


    LeBron Land

    6:05:00 A.M. – It’s the first day of summer, the longest day of the year, and the I-Man is back after his 2 week vacation with the news that Wyatt Imus is the 2016 Champion Senior Tie Down Roper of the Youth Rodeo Association.  


    6:08:16 A.M. – After the Cavs thrilling win of the NBA Finals last night, the Boss says “they could almost change the name of Cleveland to LeBron.”   


    6:15:40 A.M. – The I-Man, after hearing that Hillary Clinton has become a Grandmother for the Second Time, observes that BOTH candidates have “Big jiggly arms.” 


    6:40:27 A.M. Colonel Jack Jacobs.  I-Fave, American Hero, and Wise Man.  (Not one of the three that visited Jesus, but a Sage)  Imus asks him about Orlando, and whether it’s a Gun Problem or a Radical Jihad Problem.  Colonel Jack’s response?  “Yes.”


    7:05:10 A.M. – Turns out that both Warner AND Charles Barkley picked the Cavaliers to win the NBA Finals in Seven.  So not only did Cleveland do the impossible, being the only NBA team to come back from a 3-1 deficit…Warner and Sir Charles…WERE RIGHT!  Now, THAT’S a miracle. 


    7:17:34 A.M. – The I-Man proclaims his love for LeBron “…and his wife don’t tweet!”  Unlike Steph Curry’s wife, Ayesha, who criticized the Refs last week following the Warriors Game 6 loss. Loose lips sink ships. Loose tweets…they…um...sink fleets??…they…um…Look Ayesha…they’re not good so dummy up.

    Good Move Ayesha. Criticize the Refs Before Game 7. How’d That Turn Out?

    7:39:16 A.M. It’s Bo-Monday. Our favorite private eye Bo Dietl is our guest. Bo informs us that he was recently in Dallas, Texas for the funeral of his friend and former CEO of Pepsi–Cola Roger Enrico. Bo reminds us that this was the guy that set Michael Jackson on fire. We sure hope that’s not his epitaph. 


    8:05:11 A.M. – It’s gut check for the I-Man. The Boss needs a nap. Apparently, he only got one hour of sleep last night. It seems The Imuses got a new dog to add to their growing pack.  This one is another beautiful Australian sheep dog. She is named Topsannah Parker. It’s a great name as Topsannah was Comanche Chief Quanah Parker’s sister. This new dog happens to be the litter-mate, and actual sister of the Imus’ other Australian Sheep dog Quanah Parker, named after the aforementioned chief. While the I-Man does have more rooms than a Motel 6, Deirdre opted to have the dog sleep in the room with them. The dog whimpered and whined all night long keeping the I-Man from getting his much needed beauty rest. Although, in fairness to the dog, Imus would need a Rip Van Winkle, Terri Schiavo nap to fix that problem.

    Imus Van Winkle Wakes From His Slumber. Beauty Rest? We Think You Should Probably Hit The Snooze Button A Few More Times

    8:20:40 A.M. – Imus can’t understand why his guy Donald Trump won’t just STFU. He observes that Trump sounds like the drunk at the end of the bar. Even though Trump has never had a drink in his life he is definitely channeling that dude that wakes up with pretzels stuck to his face. 

    Lishen Lishen. I’m Going To Build A Wall, And It’s Going To Be Beautiful. Beautiful! Bu..Tee…Full. And Then I’m Going To Pee On It Because I Really Have To Go

    8:40:43 A.M. – Fox News Correspondent Jennifer Griffin is our guest. Ms. Griffin is covering Hillary Clinton for Fox News although she mentions that she has yet to speak with Grandma. Essentially, she has the same access that we do. Imus asks Griffin what she would ask Hillary if given the chance. Ms Griffin responds, “What were you thinking” in regards to Hillary’s emails. She goes on to say that she doesn’t think that the FBI will get Grandma for a major crime relating to these emails, but instead get her for something minor. Like what? Hocking a lougy on the sidewalk? 

    Days After Hillary Clinton Stepped On a Crack Breaking Her Mom’s Back

    She Was Arrested By The FBI And Led Out Of A Rally In Cuffs. (Hand Cuffs, Not The Legs Of Her Pants Suit) 


    Just In Case You Were Under A Rock We Present Game 7 Highlights Of The Most Improbable Comeback In NBA History