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Deirdre's Corner

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Let's Give 'Em Something to Buzz About: By Deirdre Imus, 8-23-2016 - There’s been a lot of buzz lately about honeybees, those quasi-nuisances that can send even the most stoic among us into a tailspin trying to avoid an encounter. And while a bee sting is undesirable, the pain you’ll feel then is nothing compared to the pain we’ll all feel – and soon – if we don’t do something to protect these sometimes petrifying pollinators. 

 Celebrating 15 Years Protecting Children's Health & the Environment

 The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center®  - When you are among the first voices to speak out on an issue, it’s difficult to know if anyone is listening. When I founded The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® at Hackensack University Medical Center fifteen years ago, concern about our children's health being impacted by toxic exposures in the environment was not the hot button, trendy issue it is today.  Read more...


Deirdre's Dish Pick


Frances' Vegetable "Fried" Rice - Recipe by Deirdre Imus, The Imus Ranch: Cooking for Kids and Cowboys.  I recommend using all organic non GMO ingredients. Brown rice takes its name from the outer bran coating that is left intact rather than removed in milling, as it is in white rice.  Because of this, it is higher in fiber, vitamin B, and important minerals than white rice is.  It also takes a while longer to cook, but the delicious nutty flavor, as well as the additional nutritional value, make it worth the time.  The edamame in this dish also provides a good source of protein.

If you have a fond memory from your childhood about some of the dishes we post please click here to contact us, we would love to hear your story.

If you have a Healthy Recipe that you enjoy and would like to see others indulge in, please share it with us: - You may have your recipe posted live on my Recipe Page! 

Deirdre's Book Pick Of The Week


Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy - by Dr. Oz, Michael Pollan, and Mark Bittman - With Anti-Inflammatory Eating Made Easy, eat as much as you want, lose weight, and heal your body. More and more people have become aware of the many benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. Seattle nutritionist Michelle Babb has created an easy-to-follow nutrition plan and cookbook that helps readers combat inflammation with healthy recipes and food choices. Making dramatic lifestyle changes can be difficult, but the seventy-five recipes and nutrition plan in this book make that change approachable, understandable, sustainable, and delicious. Adopting an anti-inflammatory diet can help alleviate arthritis, type 2 diabetes, food allergies, skin conditions, weight gain, and many other symptoms of chronic inflammation.

    Support The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center

The Deirdre Imus Environmental Health Center® is devoted to the health and well-being of children, their parents and the general public. Donations to the Environmental Health Center will support research on children's environmental health.


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The Imus Ranch Foundation

With the closing of The Imus Ranch For Kids with Cancer, The Imus Ranch Foundation was formed to donate 100% of all donations previously devoted to The Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer to various other charities whose work and missions compliment those of the ranch. The initial donation from The Imus Ranch Foundation was awarded to Tackle Kids Cancer, a program of The HackensackUMC Foundation and the New York Giants.  In addition, once the Imus Ranch for Kids with Cancer is sold, 100% of those funds will be contributed to The Imus Ranch Foundation.

Warner's Sports Corner

Ryan Lochte charged by Brazil police - Swimmer Ryan Lochte was charged by Brazilian police with filing a false robbery report over an incident during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Tony Romo exits early after hit from behind - Tony Romo was only planning to play two series in Seattle on Thursday night. He only lasted three plays. Romo left the game after taking a hit from behind by defensive end Cliff Avril.

Patriots to acquire LB Barkevious Mingo from Browns - Browns linebacker Barkevious Mingo tackles Falcons running back Cyrus Gray during a preseason game this month.

Patrick Reed Shares Early Lead at Barclays - Patrick Reed kicks off the season-ending FedEx Cup playoff series with a first-round 66 in The Barclays at Bethpage.

Recent Guests:

    I-Man Vacation

    6:07:38 A.M. – The I-Man Is on Vacation until after Labor Day so keep an eye out for him on the highways and by-ways of this great nation. Imus loves road trips. He thinks all of those raised fingers from the other drivers are telling him that “he’s number 1”. We don’t have the heart to tell him.

    Imus In His Classic 1983 Family Truckster

    6:08:18 A.M. – Warner Wolf has graced us with his presence live in studio. We are concerned about our favorite sportscaster as he hates changing his daily routine as much as Dustin Hoffman did in Rainman. Connell suggests that Warner could hit some balls at Chelsea Piers. Bernie says he could also hit balls into the Hudson from the West Side Highway near Warner’s apartment. If neither of those options work Warner could always step on a rake and hit some balls.

    Ten Minutes To Golf. Ten Minutes. Yea. I’m An Excellent Golpher. Yea

    6:16:02 A.M. – Warner gives us a Little League World Series update and says that Korea beat Mexico. We assume Warner means South Korea. We can’t imagine Lil Kim Jong Un would field a little league team. Lil Kim prefers using baseball bats to keep his staff in line.

    Lil Kim Batting Practice

    “So You Fat Bitches Ate All Of The Kimchi? I’m About To Go Two For Two”

    6:42:32 A.M. –  We replay the I-Man’s fine interview with former New York Times Theater Critic, and current executive producer of the hit HBO show Veep, Frank Rich. Frank says that he can’t imagine Trump as president, and he now has reservations about Hillary. Looks like the boy is going to use his ballot to write in Selina Meyer. Hell, at this point he might as well write in Oscar Meyer. Oscar could easily win this. People like hot dogs more than Trump, and Hillary. We’re sure people will buy his baloney before theirs.

    Presidential Candidate Oscar Meyer (Weiner) On The Campaign Trail At A Huge Rally At Wrigley Field Where He Was Warmly Received. In Fact Too Warmly As The Secret Service Had To Fend Off Some Fat People Trying To Eat Him 

    Weiner Endorses Weiner For President Creating Problems At Home With Huma

    7:06:10 A.M. –  As Warner attempts to “tease” his upcoming story about a near no hitter by San Francisco Giant pitcher Matt Moore, who had his game broken up by a two out hit in the ninth inning, he realizes that in the age of 24 hour news and cell phones because people already know the results. He laments that it’s not like the old days. True. Back in Warner’s day sportscasters would huddle around the telegraph office waiting for the scores. Then they would send their tease via carrier pigeon. A typical sportscast could last the better part of two weeks.

    Warner Does His Tease Old School.  “Just So We’re On The Same page…You Say  That If I Had Moore Getting A No Hitter You Lost? Cool. See You In A Couple Of Days Warner…Brrrrr”

    7:16:09 A.M. – Warner reports that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekial Elliott stopped by a marijuana dispensary in Seattle two hours before his game against the Seahawks. Weed is legal in Washington State, but not in the NFL. Elliott was going to have a great NFL season, but now he’s not, and we know why, because he got high, because got high, because he got high.

    Based On This Outfit, We’re Going To Guess That Elliott Has Smoked Before

    7:42:43 A.M. – Vinnie From Queens featuring Warner Wolf, Connell McShane, Lou Rufino, Bernard McGuirk, and Tony Powell begins with a discussion of New York Yankees rookie Phenom Gary Sanchez who is off to a blazing start. The guys ponder whether he is a flash in the pan, or the real deal. We agree that it’s too early to tell as another Sanchez, The Jets Mark Sanchez, had a hot start too. Well that’s true, but we don’t imagine that Gary will be running into the second baseman’s butt anytime soon.

    As Long As He Hits The Long Ball And Stays Out The Butts He Should Be Fine

    8:16:43 A.M. – During Warner’s sports report he mentions that this year’s  Barclay’s Golf Championship is being played on Long Island at Bethpage’s infamous Black course.  Connell says that he has played Bethpage, and that there is a sign on the Black course saying that it is extremely difficult. Naturally it sounds racist to Tony who suggests that maybe the course is misunderstood, and that perhaps people should take the time to get to know it.

    Black Courses Matter! No Justice No Tees!

    8:41:11 A.M. – We welcome a new voice to the program in the form of CNN’s Chris Frates. Connell asks Frates about the election and Hillary’s troubles this past week. Frates says that Hillary had a rough week primarily because Trump kept his mouth shut, and stayed on message. The two men then discuss yesterday’s who is the bigger racist contest in the Presidential election where Hillary accused Trump of being a racist in response to trump calling her a bigot. Who’s the Bigger Racist? Hmmm. That sounds like the title of a new game show. David Duke, come on down.

    “Okay Here’s The Clue David. It’s An Annoying Person.. The Word has an N, two Gs and ends with an ER. … Five Seconds…Oh…tough break…, I’m sorry David. The Word We Were looking For is Nagger. But You Are The Bigger Racist”


    We’re On Vacay. See You Soon. Hope Your Vacation Turns Out Better Than The Griswalds 



    Yo Mama Sends Emails That Smell

    6:07:38 A.M. – The Boss reveals that while the wheels are falling off of the world , The New York Post cover features the story that Larry King’s wife is cheating on him with public speaking guru Richard Green. We imagine old Dick Green was teaching Shawn King how to scream out his name. Imus asks, “How is this news?”  We would suggest that it is “news” to Larry.


    Dick Green (L)                          Dick Dead (R)

    6:09:18 A.M. –  During Warner’s sports promo he reports that U.S. Women’s Soccer team goalie Hope Solo has been suspended for calling the Women’s Swedish Soccer team “cowards”. Well, that’s probably not all she called them.

    “Take That You IKEA Shopping, Meatball Eating, Volvo Driving Bitches”

    6:11:02 A.M. – The I-Man admits to being a fan of Ms. Solo. Imus observes, “She’s the kind of girl that will get drunk at the family barbecue and punch somebody in the face”.

    We Think If Hope Wants To Make The Potato Salad At The Family Barbecue, You Should Probably Let Her

    6:29:32 A.M. – Imus asks Warner if he’s still enjoying living in Florida. Warner says he is, and has been playing golf every day. Apparently Warner hasn’t made any new golf buddies yet, but he still enjoys himself. The Wolf said that he spends an hour a day putting, and another hour hitting balls. So that’s what the kids are calling it now.  We assume he’s still talking about golf. Luckily for Warner there is a ball washer on the course which will come in handy no matter which “club” he chooses.

    After An Hour Of “Putting”

    Warner Washes His Balls 

    7:06:10 A.M. Imus reveals that he feels a little guilty for considering murdering our radio station boss Chad Lopez. Wait a minute… what? Yes, the I-Man has spent some time thinking it through, and is convinced that no New York jury would convict the radio legend for offing some radio exec. He might be right. Then again, after testifying that there are “some fat people in that jury” and asking some of the jurors how long it has been since they’ve seen their dicks, it might be hard to find a new, New York jury that would convict the old jury for killing Imus. Which coincidentally would be the title of Bill O’Reilly’s next book.

    Sure He’ll Get Off

    7:11:07 A.M. – In discussing the Little League World Series, Imus notes that they have put microphones on the coaches so that we can listen in on their strategy sessions. He points out that these supportive, and encouraging conversations between coach and player are nothing like the ones that happen when they aren’t miked up. He suggests that his mound conversations would be a little different. That’s true. The players would have to endure a mental patient coughing fit, after the long 60 ft walk to the mound. Those trips would be as long as a rain delay.

    Hey Numbnuts, Throw Some Strikes. Now Just Nod Your Head Like I’m Giving You Some Great Advice. I Have To Catch My Breath For The Long Walk Back To The Dugout 

    7:42:43 A.M. – Psychos starring Deirdre, Alan Colmes, Bernie, and Curtis Sliwa begins with the D-Woman, much like the I-Man coming to grips with the fact that Wyatt has left the nest. He’s a young man, attending Rice University, beginning the next phase of his life. It’s a tough time for any parent. Alan is not sympathetic. His experience with his parents was a little different. They dropped him off at the bus station, and then moved without leaving Alan a forwarding address. They didn’t want to make the same mistake as when they left a 5 year- old Alan in the woods. Unfortunately he was able to find his way home. We guess they figured, fool me once….

    Alan Colmes In The New Jersey Pine Barrens Circa 1955

    “Yes Alan, Keep Counting Up To A Million. Daddy and Me  Are Going To Hide”

    7:44:23 A.M. – Next up is the aforementioned Alan Colmes who points out the hypocrisy of the GOP. Alan discusses the various Republicans who have lost or deleted thousands of emails, but weren’t called on the carpet for it. He mentions that Mitt Romney deleted four years-worth of emails from his time as governor of Massachusetts. Those should be easy to find. They’re inside the binders filled with women. Upon hearing that there were binders filled with women Gunz ran to Staples.

    Sorry Gunz. No Women In This Binder But I Did Find My Emails

    7:44:29 A.M. – Curtis is upset to learn that you don’t have to speak English, nor learn the geography of New York City in order to get a license to  drive a cab here. In related news water is wet. Curtis says that these foreign cabbies don’t bathe, and simply rely on the GPS to get you around town “Achtung Dunkoff”. Tony is shocked. Not because the cabbies don’t speak English, but that they stop for Curtis.

    “Do I Know How To Get Broadway? Yesssss My Friend. Practice, Practice, Practice”

    7:46:29 A.M. – Bernie is the Yang to Alan Colmes Yin. He calls out the intolerant leftists that hypocritically take Trump to task.  Bernie calls out Comedian Amy Schumer, and “Comrade” Alan Colmes, but saves most of his venom for New York Times reporter Charles Blow, who in Bernie’s mind doesn’t blow so much as he sucks.

    Comrade Colmes Or Cee Cee As We Like To Call Him

    8:16:43 A.M. – The I-Man asks one of the most pressing questions of this political season. Is Hillary possessed by The Devil? “She Oozes Evil”.   We’re not sure if that ooze is evil, or just a combination of flop sweat, and Ban roll on deodorant. 

    The Right Reverend Billy Sol Hargis Attempts To Exorcise Hillary

    “The Power Of Geeeeeee-Sus… I Said….Geeeeeeeee-Sus… Compels You! Feel The Power, Feel The Power. I Don’t Care…If It Rains Or Freezes… ”


    “Yo Mama Sends Emails That Smell”

    8:41:11 A.M. – We are joined by dentist, Leif Babin’s dad, and U.S. Congressman from East Texas, Brian Babin.  Imus and the Congressman discuss the upcoming election. Babin is a big Trump supporter and says that in November Trump is going to “surprise a lot of people”. We think Trump already has surprised a lot of people. Babin says that he likes Trumps honesty. He says that Trump may not be politically correct, but he tells it like it is. Babin says Trump “calls a spade a spade”. That may be so but he would be wise not to do it during his “Black outreach”, or he’ll lose that one percent of the Black vote. 

    He Can Call This A Spade


    Warner Doesn’t Know What He’s Missing Out On The Course..

    A Clip from The Classic Caddy Shack


    Bathhouse with His Butt in the Air

    6:07:38 A.M. – Wyatt came home last night and shared his experiences at Rice, including his first class with famed historian Doug Brinkley. The Wy-Man describes college in such an exciting way that Imus wishes that he was going to school. We hope he avoids chemistry class. Bunsen burners and oxygen tanks don’t mix.

    Yes Teacher I took A Bite Out Of That Apple. If You Don’t Like It, Buy Your Own Damn Apple

    6:21:11 A.M.  Warner reports that highly regarded high school senior, Aubrey Solomon, a 4-star football recruit out of Georgia changed his mind about attending The University of Michigan after the school sent a letter thanking him for attending a BBQ that he didn’t attend, and spelling both his first, and last name wrong. The I-Man observed, “well they aren’t any more likely to be able to spell his name at Georgia”. True, but at least they will have better barbecue.

    Jesus…You dumb…Basta…! Ahem… I’m Sorry Georgia, There’s No “Q”. Perhaps You Should Buy A F&*king Vowel

    6:41:16 A.M. – I-Fave, New York Post Theater critic, and author of Razzle Dazzle The Battle For Broadway, Michael Riedel is our guest. Riedel reveals that he is hopping off the Trump train because Trump “went nuts”. Riedel suggests that Trump is probably a “lunatic”.  Trump spokesman um…we mean….supporter Bernard is taken aback. He attempts to make the case for himself, and fellow Trump supporter Imus by stating, “we don’t jump out of a foxhole at the first sign of defeat…” to which the I-Man responds, “speak for yourself”. Bernie shouldn’t be concerned with Riedel’s opinions. This is the same guy that thought Hamilton would be a flop. If we believe him, then Sid might as well start packing his bags for Canada.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda Gives Riedel A Shout Out 

    7:14:10 A.M. Earlier Bernie had suggested that our own Connell McShane could be found in a bathhouse with his butt in the air. That’s an image that will linger in our minds for a long time. We don’t imagine Connell’s butt would be in the air of any bathhouse unless of course he slipped on the soap and in the process of falling his butt became airborne. One thing is for sure. We won’t be Googling that image for the blog on our corporate computer lest we find our own butts in the air in human resources.

    Okay So We Did Find A Butt In The Air On the Internet (It’s A Pork Butt..Use Your Imagination)

    Connell Is About To Have His Butt “Rubbed”

    7:41:16 A.M. – Blonde On Blonde begins with another reasoned debate of the challenging issues that confront our world. Who are we kidding? We put plastic down for the Reservoir Dogs style bloodbath that we’ve grown accustomed to on Wednesday.

    Deirdre Shares Her Views With Alan

    7:42:43 A.M. – The question of Mark David Chapman’s upcoming parole hearing is up first. The Boss asks the Blondes if they remember where they were when they heard the news that John Lennon was dead. The D-Woman says that she was a sophomore in High School most likely skipping to school with her Moby Worm lunchbox, while Alan claims he heard the news while reading an article about Lennon in that month’s Playboy. Really Alan? So you bought Playboy for the articles?

    We Were Surprised That Colmes Was Still Able To Separate The Pages To “Read” The Article

    7:47:43 A.M. – The final question of the morning is whether Deirdre, or Alan has ever peed in a pool. Deirdre says that she is sure that she has. She was on the swim team, and spent a lot of time in the water. Alan says that he has never peed in the pool. We once again find that hard to believe. Even the I-Man has peed in the pool. Unfortunately it was from the diving board.

    Photographic Evidence Of Alan Peeing in The Pool Circa 1978

    8:05:13 A.M. – The Boss quizzes the crew on the Dallas Cowboy wide receiver Dez Bryant’s reaction to his rating in the new Madden Football video game. He wants to know if Dez is justified being upset with his 90 rating compared to the  receivers ranked above him including Antonio Brown (97), Julio Jones (96), A.J. Green (93), Odell Beckham Jr. (93), DeAndre Hopkins (93), Larry Fitzgerald (91) and Alshon Jeffery (91). Listen up Dez. The wheels are coming off the world. Terrorism, global warming, Louisiana is under water, and a punch bowl full of turds are running for president. Nobody gives a rip if some dweeb in his mom’s basement picks you to play with or another receiver. The bottom line is, that fat game playing loser is using you to essentially play with himself. 

    What Are You Bitching About Dez? Maybe Your Choking Ass Cowboys Can Get To The Super Bowl In Madden

    8:16:43 A.M. – Imus makes the brilliant observation that, “If you can’t remember how much you have given to charity you must have had a good life”. True that! Unless you can’t remember because you have Alzheimer’s

    8:41:11 A.M. – I-Fave, The Butcher of Broadway, and Executive Producer of Veep Frank Rich is our guest.  Frank, much like fellow theater critic Riedel is getting wobbly on his presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He wonders about Clinton’s greed, and the appearance of quid pro quo at the State Department. We can’t blame Frank for being frustrated with these campaigns. For five years he has been involved in the political life of his fictional president Selina Meyer. Comedy has now become reality. Frank needs a break.

    Could She Be Any Worse Than What we Have?


    ESPN’s First Take Crew Takes On The Dez Bryant Madden Question.



    The Notorious H-R-C

    6:05:38 A.M. – The I-Man is still a little bummed dealing with day 2 of his empty nest but the good news is that Wyatt will be home this evening. That should give the boss time to get some new sticks for his treetop perch and some organic birdseed for dinner.

    Aquila chrysaetos Imus - A Large Breathing Challenged Bird Of Prey With Poor Eye-Sight, Poor Hearing, and Known To Favor Organic Food Sources. It Is Easily Identified By The Flowing Grey Feathers On Its Head And Its Distinctive “NaNaNa Everybody Say Baby” Bird Call 

    6:12:17 A.M. – During Warner’s sports promo the conversation turns to the NFL. Warner says let’s start now. Imus asks who the Denver Broncos quarterback will be following the retirement of Peyton Manning. Warner reports that Trevor Siemian will be starting the next pre-season game instead of Mark Sanchez which is good news to the I-Man as he gives Mr. Sanchez, of “Butt-Fumble” fame, some good advice. “Stay out the butts baby. Stay out the butts”. That’s true Imus, but if you are going head first into somebody’s butt you should definitely wear a helmet.

    That Would’ve Been So Much Worse If He Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet

    6:15:16 A.M.  – In discussing the upcoming Presidential Debate the I-Man asks who will be the moderator. The staff has no idea as that information hasn’t been released yet. The Boss then wonders whatever happened to Candy Crowley. We’re not sure but word on the street is that she was last seen singing back-up for Bobbie Gentry.

    Illegal Aliens Interested In The Presidential Debates Caught Up With Ms. Crowley. “So Candy You Going To Moderate Or What?”

    6:41:16 A.M. – I-Fave Bret Baier is our guest. The I-Man, and one of his favorite newscasters discuss Hillary’s bad week and the latest email scandal. Baier says that this latest email dump could “create a shadow over her campaign”. Way to go out on a limb there Bret. Shadow?? Even a solar eclipse would cast a smaller shadow on Grandma’s campaign than these f*&king emails. There are people with kiddie porn on their computers who are less worried. Sorry. Fewer worried.

    Even This Guy Who Subscribes To Hot GILFs in Pantsuits Dot Com Has Less To Hide Than Hillary

    7:14:10 A.M. Warner reports a story about an Oakland A’s dugout fight reminiscent of the 1970s. It seems that Danny Valencia went upside Billy Butler’s head, hitting him in the temple causing Butler to suffer a concussion. Hearing that Butler was hit in the temple prompted Bernie to ask if he was Jewish. Oh snap. That’s funny right there. We don’t think Butler is Jewish, but there’s a good chance his lawyer will be.

    Ok, So Butler Got Kuby. Clearly Valencia’s Punch Left Him “Dane Bramaged”

    7:41:16 A.M. – Bernie & Sid are in for their weekly smack down. Before they begin the I-Man takes Sid to task for his hosting duties last week in the process dubbing Rosenberg the Joe Hazelwood on Morning Radio. Sid isn’t familiar with the name of the notorious Exxon Valdez captain however the moniker is pretty apt. Sid hasn’t spilled tons of crude oil in a pristine Alaskan bay, but he has left a trail of tanning oil all over the WABC studios.

    The Beach After Sid Goes For A swim

    7:47:16 A.M. – Following a contentious debate over whether Hillary Clinton will win the White House, Sid offers the following bet to the I-Man. “If Hillary wins you let me host the program for a month. If she loses I move to Canada.” So we allow the Joe Hazelwood of A.M radio to run aground for a month, or we give Canada cause to declare war on the U.S. We could probably beat Canada, but morning radio would be a nuclear wasteland incapable of supporting life for a thousand years.

    A Trump Win

    A Hillary Win And The Radio Landscape Following Thirty Days Of Morning Sid

    8:18:16 A.M. – The Boss is incredulous that Hillary could be President of The United States. He observes, “she’s no more qualified to be president than I am. In fact, I’m more qualified.” Great. Something else that will cause us to wake up screaming. The good news would be that his campaign would be well financed. The only problem is that he would have to give 3 or 4 NJ Diet, and My Pillow commercials during the State of The Union.

    Now It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Democrat Or Republican, If You Are Naked And You Can’t See Your Dick You Need To Call 855-5 NJ Diet

    8:40:43 A.M. – New York Post columnist, and Fox News contributor Michael Goodwin is our guest. The conversation begins with Goodwin joking that he is doing great witnessing the end of the world. Apparently the idea of Sid hosting mornings caused him to have apocalyptic visions. The boss asks Goodwin about Hillary’s emails causing the Post columnist to speculate on what “dark deep secret” she could possibly be hiding. Hmmm, good question. The possibilities are endless. Maybe she has naked photos of Monica Lewinsky that she thinks are really hot. Maybe there are Amazon receipts for them big granny drawers. Perhaps she always wanted to be a rapper, and was the one responsible for the unsolved deaths of Biggie and Tupac.

    The Notorious H-R-C


    The Presidential Season Has Been Depressing So We Present Triumph The Comic Insult Dog To Add Some Levity


    An Eagle Leaves the I-Nest

    6:07:00 A.M. – The I-Man is back after an emotionally trying week. The Wy-Man has left the nest, and is matriculating at Rice University. Imus matriculates too, but Deidre puts paper down for that. Good Luck Wyatt.

    An Eagle Leaves The I-Nest So That Rice Can Welcome A New Owl

    6:09:16 A.M.  – Imus is surprised to learn that Rob isn’t here this week. Rob informed the boss, but the I-Man forgot. The fact that Imus forgot to put on pants this morning however, is not a surprise to anyone. 

    The I-Man Gathers A Few Things For Work 

    6:21:16 A.M. – Imus reveals that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is “really scaring him”. Imus says that, “he’s boogeyman under the bed scary”. He’s right. A boogeyman who sounds like Sylvester the Cat is nightmare material. 

    How Rudy Looks To The I-Man

    Sure A Puddy Cat Is Scarewy But Not As Scarewy As Rudy

    6:41:16 A.M. –  I-Fave, and author of  Becoming China’s Bitch, which has to be one of our favorite book titles, Peter Kiernan is our guest. The conversation begins with the two men discussing the “empty nest”. Kiernan says that he cried with each of his four children. Jesus. How much estrogen is this guy working with? You would think that by kid number four it would be a “don’t let the door knob hit ya” situation.

    Call Us For Avails Before You Come Home. We’re Air BNB-ing Your Room

    7:08:10 A.M. The Boss suggests that he might be getting a little wobbly on Trump. We don’t know what would make him say that. Just because Trump went from being potentially a great president to being the dumbest bastard on the planet in the space of a few weeks doesn’t suggest that the I-Man’s faith in “The Donald” has been shaken ….. he… um…well…..he…okay….  so Imus has jumped off this bus faster than Keanu Reeves in the movie Speed. Get over it.

    I Don’t Care If You Have to Keep This Trump Bus Going At 50 MPH Pull Over! I’m Hopping Off

    7:41:16 A.M. – Its Bo Monday with our favorite hero detective Bo Dietl. The conversation quickly turns to a negative article written by Gabe Sherman in New York Magazine that suggested Bo was used by former Fox News head Roger Ailes as a detective to dig up dirt on Ailes’ enemies. Bo vehemently denies it and is suing New York Magazine, and Sherman. Bo hired I-Fave Lanny Davis. Davis is a great lawyer who can not only vigorously defend Bo’s honor, but also take care of any stains Dietl might get on one of his trademark pinstriped blue suits.

    It’s Bo Monday

    8:08:16 A.M. – Imus takes Trump to task and asks why The Donald just can’t apologize when he’s wrong. Bernie says that last week Trump apologized for some of the things that he said, but didn’t apologize to anyone specifically leading the Boss to observe,  “That would’ve been a pretty long speech”. Boom!

    Trump Apology Speech Hour 4…..And Then I’d Like To Say To My Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Lupner That I Was Wrong To Call You A Pig Even Though You Didn’t Give Me A Smiley Face On My Paper, Which, By The Way Would Make You More Of A Loser Than A Pig… So.... I’m Sorry….That You Are A Loser

    8:18:16 A.M. – The I-Man is not happy with his dog Quanah Parker licking him. It’s not that Imus doesn’t appreciate the dog’s affection, it’s more a matter of when Quanah licks. Imus says, “lick me, and then go lick your dick”. Quanah feels the same way when the Boss wants to pet him after he comes out of the bathroom.

    Jeez, He’s Coming Out Of The Rest Stop And His Hands Are Still Wet. If He Tries To Pet Me, I’m Going For His Throat

    8:40:43 A.M. – Completing The I-Fave trifecta this morning is James Carville who is in New York promoting his new book Were Still Right They’re Still Wrong. The two men discuss Hillary’s health, and the fact that the President has yet to visit Louisiana in the wake of the horrific flooding that has crippled the state. Carville mentions that his daughter, who is attending LSU this fall has to delay her first semester at the university as a result of the flood. Imus asks Carville how he copes with his daughters going away to school. Carville says that it’s more difficult for his older daughter because she attends school upstate New York, whereas his youngest is only 80 miles away. Imus mentions that Wyatt has left for Rice, and he is having a difficult time with it. Carville gives the boss some great advice, and some tough love. He asks Imus what he’s complaining about. He says that Imus should be happy that he has a son attending a world class university only 80 miles away.  Hey Jimbo, complaining, and not being happy is sort of the I-Man’s brand, but we get your point.

    That Elephant Is Eating Waaay Too Much Fiber


    Just In Case You Were Thinking About Hopping Off The Bus …Enjoy This Trailer From The Action Hit Speed